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  • Samuel Salzer

    Samuel Salzer

    Behavioral designer, author and keynote speaker. Helping organizations create habit forming products. Curator for the popular newsletter www.HabitWeekly.com

  • UXDA | Financial UX Design

    UXDA | Financial UX Design

    A well-known UX design agency that has turned 100+ ordinary Banking and Fintech products into extraordinary ones in 33 countries | theuxda.com

  • Chris Kiess

    Chris Kiess

    Healthcare User Experience Designer in the Greater Chicago area

  • Seth Godin

    Seth Godin

    Founder of altMBA and Akimbo. Daily blogger, teacher, speaker, 20 bestsellers as well...

  • Michal Lenik

    Michal Lenik

    Senior UX designer at Lighthouse 360.

  • Mariyam Elshrief

    Mariyam Elshrief

    A Junior UX Designer | Product Designer at Prudential Financial, Add me on Linked In https://www.linkedin.com/in/mariyam-elshrief/

  • Nir Eyal

    Nir Eyal

    Posts may contain affiliate links to my two books, “Hooked” and “Indistractable.” Get my free 80-page guide to being Indistractable at: NirAndFar.com

  • Alan Cooper

    Alan Cooper

    Ancestry Thinker, Software Alchemist, Regenerative Rancher

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