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  • Cris Messias

    Cris Messias

    UX | UI Designer

  • Janina Aritao

    Janina Aritao

    Writer • Communication Designer • Type Explorer | janinaa.com

  • Anina Hanekom

    Anina Hanekom

    Thought detective, food instagrammer, night sleeper, e-book reader, cupcake eater and Product designer. Psychology and language graduate.

  • Vasileios Kospanos

    Vasileios Kospanos

    I'm a tech marketer and music enthusiast. I write about software marketing, songs & apps I like in simple words infused by sarcasm. https://marketingrockstar.uk

  • Anna E

    Anna E

    UX & Product Designer based in Barcelona.

  • Yoj Ramis

    Yoj Ramis

  • Pablo Marcos

    Pablo Marcos

    User Experience Designer

  • Hein Pieterse

    Hein Pieterse

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